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Lepide Exchange Migrator Review

Exchange migration and why should it be done by LepideMigrator for Exchange.

That Exchange migration can be simplified using a specialized software, when used in the right way and prescribed way, cannot be disputed, however, what can influence the experience is which application are we using and if we are adequately familiar to use that application. Today I am going to write about LepideMigrator for Exchange – Exchange to Exchange/online Exchange/Office 365 migration software from Lepide Software.

Exchange migration is highly centralized yet distributed process. Exchange administrators do it running necessary tools either in the source or target Exchange servers without worrying the users, but at the same time, they also upgrade clients’ Outlook version, thus affecting entire workforce in the process. This demands, for the sake of efficiency, doing it in a way that Exchange mailboxes can be migrated from a centralized console and clients’ Outlook profiles can also be updated from that place. We can do all that with LME.

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