Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Delegation of Control Wizard

This step-by-step guide details the required steps for delegating administration of objects in a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory service container. By delegating administration, you can assign a range of administrative tasks to appropriate users and groups. Full Article

Transfer user profile between two computers

 Roaming Profile . הסבר קצר מה זה Roaming Profile:A Roaming Profile is used to preserve a user’s configuration (desktop, background, etc) and present the user with an identical environment on any computer the user logs on. This means that a user that is configured to use a roaming profile can use a computer “A”, make …

Reconstruction of objects in- Active Directory

Authoritative Restore And NON Authoritative Restore מה ההבדלים בין שתי שיטות השחזור? במה להשתמש ומתי? נדמה מצב ובו מנהל הרשת מוחק בטעות במקום משתמש ספציפי את כל ה OU, למרות שהוא נתקל בשתי אזהרות הקופצות לו מיד, הוא עדין בוחר ב OK ומוחק את ה OU. Full Article

Active Directory – Directory Services

Active Directory

Ad he is a central database that contains information on the resources of the network such as : Printers, users, computers etc… ' that are called objects, and also information on different facilities that exist in the network. Possible/given to say in addition that ad he somewhat like telephone book that contains every the list of the memberships and also their characteristics.



The GPOAccelerator creates all the Group Policy objects (GPOs) that you need to deploy recommended security settings for your environment to save you hours of work that you would otherwise need to configure these settings. This Solution Accelerator includes guidance to assist you with this tool.


Server 2003 introduces the ability to restore deleted (“tombstoned”) objects. This simple command-line utility enumerates the deleted objects in a domain and gives you the option of restoring each one. Source code, is based on sample code in the Microsoft Platform SDK. This MS KB article describes the use of Adrestore:   Full Article

Step-by-Step Guide to Active Directory Sites and Services

This guide explains how to use the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in to administer replication topology both within a site in a local area network (LAN) and between sites in a wide area network (WAN). Full Article