PineApp, a global leader in securing networks and email systems, offers an Archiving solution that simplifies the process of long term email storing.
Email has become a central communication tool, allowing easy exchange of business information. As a result, email servers are over capacitated by the immense volume of email communications.
Organizations now face the need to comply with recent regulations (such as the Freedom of information act – FOIA), and to be able to safely store and retrieve old emails, stored in their servers among large volumes of emails.
PineApp Archive-SeCure offers a unique blend of features and tools which allow organizations to store emails for long periods of time without losing the ability to easily search and retrieve messages. This allows a substantial reduction of storage burden and of system resource consumption for mail servers.
Archive-SeCure is a flexible solution which works with all existing email server brands and is able to integrate with PineApp Mail-SeCure and store incoming and outgoing emails off the network.
Archive-SeCure is offered either with internal storage or with interfaces to all common storage architectures, providing limitless solutions to nearly any business environment while maintaining full Regulation compliance, durability and scalability.



How Archive-SeCure Works


Archive-SeCure is an appliance-based solution that is normally installed on the local network behind the corporate firewall. It uses three general approaches to archive emails: 

  1. Accessing the Mail Server’s database using HTTP or the appropriate protocol specific for each individual mail server (such as WebDAV for Microsoft Exchange Servers, DIIOP or Notes Connector for Lotus Domino Servers). Using HTTP or HTTPS connection, the Archive-SeCure is easy to deploy on both secured external networks (internet) and unsecured internal corporate networks (intranet). Along with support for real-time and scheduled archiving, it provides a robust and flexible set of tools to support archiving from journal or individual end-user accounts.
  2. Retrieve emails from any standard all existing mail server brands which are based on using POP3, IMAP or SMTP protocols. This flexibility enables Archive-SeCure to be deployed into a variety of environments including multiple email server environments using multiple protocols and each server containing a large amount of data to archive.
  3. Archiving via the SMTP protocol allows Archive-SeCure to archive all messages transported using SMTP and since most mail servers support this protocol the Archive-SeCure can archive from almost any type of mail server.


After the emails are imported, they are compressed and stored in the archive.  Then the Archive-SeCure’s built-in search engine creates an index from each email.  All fields including subject, content, attachment, message size, date, sender, recipients, etc. are indexed allowing for quick and accurate searches through millions of emails.  Unlike many email archiving solutions which only use SQL Server for indexing, Archive-SeCure uses a compact and powerful search engine to facilitate the indexing and searching activities.  This delivers much faster and accurate search results.


Archive-SeCure is not limited to only archive emails from email servers that are hosted within a corporate network but it can also archive emails from email servers that are in hosting service.

If the hosting service uses other email server, companies can still archive via IMAP, POP3, or SMTP protocol.


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