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Windows 2000/XP Instructions 

Unfortunately under Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP there is no easy way to “capture” a printer port from within the Printer’s properties dialog. To use a network printer under Windows NT/2000/XP you must use the NET command from a command prompt (or batch file) to redirect the printer port to the shared printer on the network.

The NET command’s syntax is shown below.

NET USE LPTx: \\<computer_name>\<printer_share_name> /PERSISTENT:YES

The LPTx: refers to the printer port you wish to capture, and is that defined within the Performer Series. For example LPT2: refers to Printer Port 2. The /PERSISTENT:YES option makes the capture persistant, ie when you restart Windows the port capture is retained.

For example NET USE LPT2: \\SERVER\P1 /PERSISTENT:YES will capture printer port 2 and redirect print jobs to the P1 shared printer on computer SERVER.


  • Of course you must share the printer before you may use it on another computer.
  • Enclose the computer name and/ or printer share name in quotes if it contains spaces, eg “\\ACCTG SERVER\LASER PRINTER“.
  • To cancel the port capture issue the net command with a /D option, eg NET USE LPT2: \\SERVER\P1 /D

More articles on this from Microsoft’s Knowledgebase.

Windows XP:;en-us;Q314499

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