Domain Controller Boot Stop Code Error ‘0x00002e2’

Reboot Server Ad Select the option F8 Driectory Services Repair Mode

Run As Administrator Cmd, and execute the following command

xcopy C:\Windows\NTDS\* C:\YanivBackup\NTDS-Backup /E /Y /V /C /I

Then execute the following commands

When prompted CLICK OK

  • cd c:\windows\ntds
  • c:\windows\ntds>ren *.log *.log.old
  • c:\windows\ntds>esentutl /p ntds.dit

Then execute the following commands

  • c:\windows\ntds>ntdsutil
  • ntdsutil: active instance ntds
  • ntdsutil: files
  • files maintenance: compact to c:\windows\ntds\temp

now need to copy the compacted and repaired database, over the top of the live database

  • c:\windows\ntds>copy “c:\windows\ntds\temp\ntds.dit” “c:\windows\ntds\ntds.dit
  • c:\windows\ntds\>del *.log
    c:\windows\ntds\>del *.log
  • and reboot server

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