How to Reset Forgotten VMware Esxi 5 Esxi 6 and mor Root Password

Ubuntu Live CD download


hypervisor/system image is located on the first 250 MB partition (/dev/sda5) which contains the state.tgz file

close GParted and open the Terminal

sudo -s

mount /dev/sda5 /mnt

cd /mnt


cp  state.tgz  /tmp

cd  /tmp

tar xzf  state.tgz


tar  xzf  local.tgz


Go to the /etc directory and you can gain access to the shadow file which contains the password hash of ESXi root account

cd /etc


Run the vi shadow command to open the shadow file in the vi editor

Once you have removed the password hash press ESC to return to the command mode Type in :wq and press Enter This will save your changes and exit


tar czf  local.tgz  etc

tar czf  state.tgz  local.tgz

cp  state.tgz  /mnt/

umount  /mnt

type reboot then remove the live CD and wait for ESXi server to restart. After a while you’ll get the following screen where you can configure the system by pressing F2

the password field blank and you can log into the root account Change Password

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