Install VMware vSphere Client for iPad

VMware vSphere Client for iPad

support for vMotion

support for vSphere 5

support for ESX Server 3.5

download vSphere Client for iPad

download vcma


Download Vcma Ovf And Open VMware vSphere Client

Go To File And Deploy OVF Template Browse File Uo Download Is OVF And Next



default username/password on the appliance is root/vmware

It is strongly recommended to change the root password after installation.

  1. Logged the root console to change the default password from “vmware” to something more secure:
    1. From the console, select “Login” and hit the enter User And Pssword;
    2. Logged using “root” at the “login:” prompt;
    3. Entering “vmware” at the “Password:” prompt:
    4. Changed the password by issuing the “passwd” command and followed the prompts:

Using “passwd” to modify the vCMA root default password.

    1. Logged-out by issuing the “exit”.
  1. Installation Is complete.

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