PowerShell List Domain Users Logon Time

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$NumDays = 0

$LogDir = “.\Users-Last-Logon.csv”

$currentDate = [System.DateTime]::Now

$currentDateUtc = $currentDate.ToUniversalTime()

$lltstamplimit = $currentDateUtc.AddDays(- $NumDays)

$lltIntLimit = $lltstampLimit.ToFileTime()

$adobjroot = [adsi]”

$objstalesearcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher($adobjroot)

$objstalesearcher.filter = “(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(lastLogonTimeStamp<=” + $lltIntLimit + “))”

$users = $objstalesearcher.findall() | select `

@{e={$_.properties.cn};n=’Display Name’},`


@{e={[datetime]::FromFileTimeUtc([int64]$_.properties.lastlogontimestamp[0])};n=’Last Logon’},`

@{e={[string]$adspath=$_.properties.adspath;$account=[ADSI]$adspath;$account.psbase.invokeget(‘AccountDisabled’)};n=’Account Is Disabled’}

$users | Export-CSV -NoType $LogDir

And Save The File As To All Files Logon.ps1

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