upgrade Exchange 2013 CU1 to CU2

Download Exchange 2013 CU2



Extract the File

Select do not check for update and click next



Restart the server

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Issue reported

CU2 might turn on FBA but configuration will not show this

Fix: Turn on FBA in EMS then turn off. This should fix the issue

Public Folder Permissions Loss after PF Mailbox Move

On July 11th, we became aware of a specific issue with Exchange 2013 RTM CU2 (712.22).

This issue only occurs within native Exchange 2013 environments that are leveraging Modern Public Folders.

The issue exists when you move public folder mailboxes. The specific issue is that if you move a public folder mailbox,

there is the potential for the permission structure on some public folders to be lost. Specifically:

  1. If you move (via New-MoveRequest) a secondary public folder (PF) mailbox,

              the permissions on any public folder (including well known folders) not stored in the secondary PF mailbox

              would be lost from the secondary PF mailbox and replaced by the default ACL. The original ACLs can be

             restored via a full synchronization event by executing Update-PublicFolderMailbox -InvokeSynchronizer <Public Folder Mailbox> -FullSync.

     2.   If you move (via New-MoveRequest) the primary PF mailbox, the permissions on any public folder

            (including well known folders) not stored in that public folder mailbox are lost and replaced by the default ACL.

          The default ACL gives Author permissions to Default authenticated users.

Fix: Microsoft will be releasing an IU fix asap until that do not move PF mailbox



Yaniv Totshvili

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server

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